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12 simple but effective A/B test ideas

richpage75 06-17-14

12 simple but effective A/B test ideas

Hi guys - thought you might like to see my new article about A/B test ideas. Perfect for using Optimizely for! Let me know which ones you have tried before.



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Hudson 06-18-14

Re: 12 simple but effective A/B test ideas

Hi RichPage 75, 


Thank you for sharing your A/B testing ideas!

I like your selection of hints and principles to improve conversion rates. Anyone with an interest in conversion rate optimization (digital marketers, analysts, testing pros, U/X designers, web developers, etc) would do well to review your ideas. 


For some feedback, I'd recommend organizing your ideas by potential application; as your article title says "increasing sales or leads", it may be helpful for people to see which ideas are universal, which are more appropriate for e-commerce, and which ideas might be most useful for a lead-generation goal. 


To supplement the ideas you've linked to here, I've provided some case studies illustrating specific examples  of the principles you've outlined on your blog, available on the case studies section of the Optimizely Blog (Conversion Rate Optimism). 


Removing Distracting Content: This case study highlights how VeggieTales increased revenue per visitor by 38% by implemementing A/B tests removing distractions using Optimizely. (VeggieTales A/B Testing Case Study)


Adding Security Validation: Iron Mountain, a B/2B provider of data management solutions, tested adding validation to a registration form using Optimizely, and increased the number of qualified leads the sales form was generating by 140%. (B2B Sales Lead Generation Test)


Testing different language in a checkout funnel: Here's a fun list of ideas that our team created using Urban Outfitters' checkout as an example. See examples of different elements to test in the checkout funnel Checkout Funnel Testing Ideas


21 Ways to Brainstorm your Next Test: This amazing blog post by our very own Shana Rusonis shows ways you can develop valuable test ideas on your own using proven principles of ideation. Check it out and more on the Optimizely blog: 21 Ways How to Brainstorm Website Tests


Thank you for participating in the Optiverse! Let us know how these resources complement your own practice!


Happy testing,


Hudson Arnold

Strategic Optimization Consultant






dcock0165 02-05-18

Re: 12 simple but effective A/B test ideas

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monusingh 02-06-18

Re: 12 simple but effective A/B test ideas