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A/B Test Product Introductory Pricing

AlphaVictor 05-12-16

A/B Test Product Introductory Pricing

I'm launching a new item and I'd really like to be able to run an A/B test to see which price performs the best.  

I can set up two pages, but then both are visible and the test is less in the background, making the possibility that customers will see both and be angry, or ruin and hidden test (I know they will eventually figure out other pricing and we are prepared for that). 

Is there a way to run a test where I create one product page, and depending on which test the customers see, their action (adding to cart) will take them to one of two seperate checkout pages?  

Is this possible, and how would I do this within Optimizely?  



DavidS 05-13-16

Re: A/B Test Product Introductory Pricing

Hi AlphaVictor,


Thanks for reaching out to Optimizely Support!


If the adding to cart action takes places on the same page (on the product page), then this is possible with Optimizely. 


Basically here we'll need to change the link where your button points to. In the Optimizely Visual Editor, you can select a button, then select "Edit Element" and "Edit Hyperlink". You'll then be able to specify a new link for this button. 


Does that answer your question?


Feel more than free to reply back with any additional questions at all.