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AdSense optimization

lkelemen 07-16-14

AdSense optimization



does anyone have experience with optimizely used for adsense optimization?

if so, what are the experiences, how successful was your test?


I'm really interested in running test for optimizing adsense revenue, but I couldn't really figure out how to do this properly with optimizely.


thanks for all answers!



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adzeds 07-16-14

Re: AdSense optimization

I believe it is possible to run this test through Optimizely from a technical perspective, however, I have never actually run this type of testing though it.

I have normally run this testing through my own bespoke setup as it does not really require a large overhead in terms of time to place ad scripts.

Without knowing your current setup it is difficult to recommend improvement ideas but I tend to find that working to Adsense prefered spots tends to work well. Here you will find a heatmap:

Hope that is of some help for you.
David Shaw
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