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Advice Requested - Landing Page Improvements

snewman 11-05-14

Advice Requested - Landing Page Improvements

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Trying to figure out what to test with this page, and what improvements to make... Thanks!


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 2.10.00 PM.png



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Pauline 11-06-14

Re: Advice Requested - Landing Page Improvements

Hi There, 


Just few ideas looking at the page for 5 minutes:

- The video is not working on Chrome, maybe just replace it with an image

- Try different font and copy. I found the text hard to read and digest, just because of the formatting

- Make the form as short as possible (do I really need to confirm my email address?)

- How do people land on this page? For someone who is not very familiar with your product there is no context or explanation about your product

- How long is the demo, what should i expect if i click on "see demo"? What am i going to learn from the demo?




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snewman 11-06-14

Re: Advice Requested - Landing Page Improvements

Thanks for the feedback. The image is actually just a screenshot of the actual demo - confusing I know.


What part of the formatting was hard to read and digest?


I agree with the 'confirm email' address feedback... needs to go.


People get from this page usually from a PPC campaign, or just a general next steps throughout our site. It's one of our most trafficked landing pages.


Demo is 20 minutes long ... if you click, you see it.



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LauraG 11-07-14

Re: Advice Requested - Landing Page Improvements

Hi Snewman, 


For me, the page is lacking benefit led features - how exactly will the new release's platform scalability and modern design help me as user? Why should the visitor consider this over a competitor or another solution?


I also suggest reducing the number of form fields - at this stage are company name, job title and country really necessary?


- The form is quite confusing because it looks as though (from the screenshot) they are signing up for bulletins and newsletters but the call to action is 'see the demo'. Again, what is the benefit to the customer of being included in your mailing list? What happens after they click the call to action? 


- To help reduce form friction, what about privacy - adding a statement underneath the call to action reassuring the visitor that their information is private and won't be shared with third parties. 


- It's not clear that the video is just an image and not a functional video, visitors may waste time trying to get the play button to work and leave in frustration. 


Finally, perhaps test 'watch the demo' against 'see the demo' - in my opinion it's just a slightly stronger action! 


Hope this helps. 




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Re: Advice Requested - Landing Page Improvements

My first question would be - what's the predominant traffic source that will be landing on this landing page? Is it traffic from paid advertising (Google AdWords)? A wide range of keywords or a small set?

Putting that aside, here's a few quick wins and some preliminary informal analysis:

1. Replace 'Find Out More' with some teaser copy that accurately explains the value of why they're putting in their details. Something like 'Get Unlimited Access To An Interactive Tour Today' would probably work well.

2. Video is OK if people actually have time to watch it. I'd suggest switching to Wistia and checking the video analytics to see whether people are actually watching it and if so, how long.

3. You're better off following copy-writing best practices in terms of headline. 'Aras Innovator Product Demo' simply tells the prospect what the page is but doesn't build any attention or interest. (

4. Right now, the video is doing most of the selling on this page - I'd suggest using copy, images to support the feature/benefits pitch.

5. What's unique about this product? What exactly does it do? What's it for? None of these questions are answered for me on this page (without watching a video - which I haven't bothered doing.)

Hope that helps.
James Spittal
CEO, Web Marketing ROI