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Best practice for QA on forms

cjtesting 03-10-17

Best practice for QA on forms

I was just wondering what sort of processes or best practice people follow for QAing tests that affect form submissions? 


We had a recent issue where in the preview functions the pages seemed to function fine, and our GA was telling us everything was fine, but in our CRM it turned out data wasn't pulling through. We only saw this from discrepancies between GA and CRM numbers after the test had been running. 


How do you build testing a form into your workflow if you can't properly test them without pushing the form live. Or is this where the cookie based testing should come into play? 

tomfuertes 03-10-17

Re: Best practice for QA on forms

Form stuff is hard! We approach it like this:

1) Always launch with a test cookie or query param audience prior to full traffic.

2) Always confirm your leads on both control and variation when launched via the test cookie get through to your CRM and have all the data

3) Test on all browsers

4) Have an engineer look at the variation code just in case. Ask them "Will anything in this code break the way the form submits? Specifically are we using `.replaceWith()` or anything that will break our control handlers from binding and/or the way they're currently submitted?"
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cjtesting 03-13-17

Re: Best practice for QA on forms

Thanks Tom, that's useful
cjtesting 03-13-17

Re: Best practice for QA on forms

Tom, quick follow-up question - what are your thoughts on using custom audience by IP to QA forms? We could then test on multiple devices and browsers within our office, without having to individually set up cookies or custom paramters for each one?