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Coming soon to a screen near you... Optimizely Workshops!

AdamA 08-06-15

Coming soon to a screen near you... Optimizely Workshops!

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Hello, Optiverse! I wanted to share a program that we're running over the next several weeks, and would love your attendance and feedback.


Between August 12 and October 20, we'll be running a series called "Optimizely Workshops," a series of hands-on virtual trainings. Go ahead and save your seat -- I'll be here when you get back Smiley Happy


You may be asking, "Isn't that just a webinar?"


One thing we believe on the Optimizely Education team is that the best way to learn is to try for yourself. So we've designed a program that's based around interactivity, even though it will happen virtually. Often, interactivity is the most valuable part of a classroom experience, because you learn most from the times when you try and even fail in a safe space. We're trying to replicate that in our Workshop series.


Additionally, we'll be focusing mostly on optimization strategy. We've heard you loud and clear when you tell us that you want more education on strategy and industry concepts, vs. Optimizely's features. This will be a way for us to share that content with you and begin a discussion about how you want to learn more about these topics.


I encourage you to join as many of the topics as possible:

  • Prioritizing your tests with a roadmap
  • Choosing the right goals to test in your funnel
  • Segmenting your results to generate a personalization strategy
  • Using statistics to your advantage
  • Creating tests for your native mobile apps
  • Building an optimization culture in your organization

Note: If you’re interested in learning more about the Optimizely platform itself, or how to set up effective A/B and Multivariate tests, check out our interactive Optimizely 101 course, which you can take for free today!