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Compassion International

Shanann 05-12-15

Compassion International

Company:  Compassion International, Adept Marketing



Compassion International is the world's largerst child sponsorship organization and operates globally. In addition to direct sponsorship they also offer opportunities for individuals to donate to specific funds and projects. One of these is a group of needs referred to as Critical Needs. The page was underperforming on the site and Adept stepped in to test a fresh design to drive improved site performance and conversion rates.



"We hypothesized: 

1. Easy to read, simplified messaging will streamline the conversion process.
2. Emotionally stimulating images will engage donors to each cause.
3. Ability to donate from this page will increase conversions.


With the above hypotheses in mind, Adept's design team, (still working well within the brand creative guidelines) build a new page to test against the original through Optimizely."



The test only ran for two weeks and the results were definitive and immediately proved the value of CRO for the client.
Because of these page improvements, Compassion International will be able to help millions of additional children in need every year.


• Increased revenue 47.6% 

• +175% donations


Adept has subsequently run tests for at least two pages a month and has continued to see improvements.


Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 2.56.59 PM.png