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Considering Getting Platform Certified

KO 09-07-16

Considering Getting Platform Certified

Considering registering to get platform certified. Couple questions:


1. Cost?

2. Amount of studying required?

3. Length of certification?



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DanielQ 09-07-16

Re: Considering Getting Platform Certified

Hi KO,


I recommend you check out the Optimizely certification page for more information on our certifications. Currently, taking a certification exam costs $100 for the first attempt, and $65 if you must retake it. Optimizely Certification is valid for one year. 


The amount of studying it takes depends on how familiar you are already with Optimizely. Are you new to Optimizely? Have you completed any Academy courses, or run any experiments? Some people don't need to study much at all, while others spend several hours studying. It depends on your experience and comfort level.


Good luck!





Daniel Quick, Optimizely
KO 09-08-16

Re: Considering Getting Platform Certified

Great -- thanks for the information.
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robertchan 09-19-16

Re: Considering Getting Platform Certified

As @DanielQ already went over cost and length of certification, I'd like to add information about studying. I think it's really important to have gone over the content in Optimizely's academy as well as having had hands-on experience working within the platform.
Robert Chan

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Re: Considering Getting Platform Certified

I'm preparing myself for the exam I'm using the knowledge Base, Academy Program and the Studying for the Platform Exam
plus every week I have to make at leats 1 experiments and I think is enough to get success on the exam
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