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Ecommerce Wholesale/Retail testing based on search query

Nutballetgifts 05-22-15

Ecommerce Wholesale/Retail testing based on search query


Noob over here, so I do apologize if this question is too basic.


I have a retail/wholesale e-commerce website. I would like to test different versions of my page based on the search query used to arrive at my site. IE if the customer used the word "wholesale" in their search they would see a version of my homepage tweeked for that kind of customer.


Does this fall under QUERY PARAMETERS ? I've been playing around with it but cannot seem to make it work. 


Thanks for your time.

Mario 05-26-15

Re: Ecommerce Wholesale/Retail testing based on search query

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Hi Nutballetgifts,


Thanks for reaching out to Optiverse!


The easiest way would be to set up a specific experiment for a specific audience. Through the audience settings you can exclude or include visitors from your experiment.


You could set a Query Parameter filter where only visitors are getting bucketed into your experiment if they meet the requirements e.g. if the parameter 'wholesale' got appended to the URL.


Please check out our knowledge base article about the audience settings. It gives you a good overview of the available filters.

Also please ensue that the Optimizely snippet is installed on all the pages you are going to run your experiment on.

I hope that helps!




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MJBeisch 09-22-15

Re: Ecommerce Wholesale/Retail testing based on search query

Mario's answer is great and great for testing entry-page changes where the query string can identify the user and place them into the appropriate audience. But what if you want to test changes beyond that initial landing page and the query string has been removed? I have a system set up where, instead of using an Optimizely audience to check the query string, I check it from within the site via javascript, and then use that check to generate a cookie. I then use this "demogrpahic" cookie in audience setups in Optimizely, allowing me to test against that cookie on any page. This mehtod also has the added benefit of being able to identify demographics multiple ways, not just from search queries.


For example, say a user is coming in from a search for "personalized brown widgets". I scan the relevant query string value for keywords that I'm targeting experiments on, say in this case "widget(s)". The script sets the value of the demographic cookie to "widgets", and then I set up an Optimizely audience to check the cookie value. This is vastly over-simplifying the process (especially in regards to what the actual value is being set in the cookie - it's not being set as a recognizable word and multiple things are being stored at one time) but should give you some ideas towards building out a system of your own.

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