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Experiment with no results

checksteph 02-05-18
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Experiment with no results

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I recently ran an experiment comparing two variations of our site navigation.  I was trying to measure pageviews.  We had over a thousand visitors, with no results for any pageviews which leads me to believe that I set this up wrong.  You can see below the number of pageviews below in the experiment:




Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.08.05 AM.png


However, you can see there has been traffic to these pages as seen in Analytics:


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.22.04 AM.png

Below is how I set up each pageview, with a simple match, with the urls formatted as follows: /activities, but I suspect that perhaps I needed to add the url first, such at


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.17.53 AM.png


Any ideas on what could have gone wrong here?






Michal 02-06-18

Re: Experiment with no results

Hi there,


It looks like your URL match type(s) is/are not set up correctly - when you use the simple match, you need to include the entire URL you want to track, including the domain. For more information about the URL targeting and different match types, have a look here.


I also recommend checking this article for the overview of QA methods that allow you to check if your events are firing correctly.


I hope this helps!


checksteph 02-08-18

Re: Experiment with no results

Thanks Michal - this was what was wrong. I thought I had already set this to substring match, but it was set to simple.