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FSA store

Shanann 05-12-15

FSA store




Knowing that our customers are often in a time squeeze to spend their remaining FSA dollars, we wanted to create tests to simplify the steps to checkout. Though we can track customer deadlines and understand by which date many of our customers need to spend down their leftover FSA funds, we are always looking for ways to test the user experience on our site.



We created two separate tests ‐ one focused on providing a Product "QuickView" button, and the other allowed customers to select quantity of the product to be added to cart, both on the Category pages. We felt these tests would expedite the checkout process with less clicks for our customers, so they could shop and spend their remaining FSA funds before their respective deadlines.



We created these tests to track different behaviors depending on the site pages that our customers would land on ‐ whether that's the homepage or a specific category page.

We tested different variations of each to determine how people were adding products to their cart ‐ again based on the homepage, adding from the QuickView directly, adding to cart from the Category Page.



The hypotheses for these test ideas came from knowing our customer shopping behaviors, and specifically creating a seamless checkout process for those who are rushing to spend down their FSA funds at the end of their plan year.


• We saw 13.8% lift in revenue from the QuickView test.
• We saw 8.9% lift in revenue from the 'Quantity for Add to Cart' test.


Quantity Dropdown Version


Peoples Choice QTY Dropdown.jpg


Quick View Button Version

Peoples Choice Quick View Button.jpg


Quick View Opten Button


Peoples Choice QuickView Open.jpg


pablo 05-18-15

Re: FSA store

great place to save and help you reduce your expences 

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