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Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

Amanda 08-12-14

Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

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A fellow optimizer needs your help! What are your testing ideas to optimize this page and increase form submissions? Please provide an explanation for your ideas. 


Please remember to write your suggestions with respect and love so we can help another optimizer provide a delightful user experience to her customers. 





Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 1.28.30 PM.png


For reference, several optimizers submitted their pages to be reviewed by experts on stage at the Optimizely Experience in Chicago. Since we only had space for a couple pages to get live feedback, we wanted to open up this exercise to the Optiverse. After all, many of you are experts in providing CRO advice, and *all* of you have relevant ideas and experiences to share. 


This will be the first of many pages requesting feedback posted in Optiverse. Please email if you have any feedback or if you want to submit your own page to be reviewed. 



CK-Matthew 08-13-14

Re: Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

Firstly what a cool way to gain collective ideas on optimising* (Australian spelling) a web page!


As there are a numerous variables on this page which could be tested and therefore optimized my suggestion would be to break them into categories, starting with:


  1.      Accessibility
  2.      Layout
  3.      Imagery
  4.      Creditability
  5.      Relevance 
  6.      Incentive
  7.      Value
  8.      Reduction of anxiety
  9.      Friction


For the purpose of giving an actionable and quick advice, here are two things you could test.


  1.      Imagery

Question: Does different imagery such as active (People in the apartment) or location (People at local landmarks being coffee shops, train stations) increase enquiries?


Expected outcome: Being potentially a first home purchase, prospects are driven by other motivators being lifestyle, location and sense of accomplishment increasing their desire to make an enquiry.


  1.      Layout

Question: Will making the enquiry form more prominent increase conversion rates?


Expected outcome: As the form is the same colour as the website, it blends so neatly into the design that it could be potentially over looked. By making it more prominent may increase the number of people seeing it and thus increasing the conversion rate.




MartijnSch 08-13-14

Re: Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

Great idea, I have a couple of ideas for this one to see if you could increase the conversion on the page.


  • Form validation. In some cases mostly when you do a lot of conversions on pages like this you want people to have the feeling that they are doing great filling in a form and a good help in doing this is provide validation. Oh and do you really need my first + last name or would a first name be sufficient?
  • Call to action in the form, what happens next if I enter my email address + when is sales going to get in touch with me.
adzeds 08-13-14

Re: Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

Only had time to have a quick look but I think some small changes to the top section of the page could deliver an increase in conversions.


Here is an example variation I would run:



Following this I would then test adding a headline to the page as I am still not 100% sure what the page is all about... I have guessed that it is to try and sell luxury apartments?

David Shaw
Level 11
megmcshe 08-13-14

Re: Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

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Firstly, thank you to everyone for the feedback - it is so helpful!


ADZEDS, I was interested to hear that you are not 100% sure what the page is all about. I think it could have something to do with the copy, we have actually changed it to say "buy a condo at 1345 wabash today" so it's a little more clear. Other than that, are there any other big pieces of information missing that would otherwise make it more clear that we are selling luxury condos? (which is correct, by the way). Thank you!

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adzeds 08-13-14

Re: Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

I think the page needs to integrate a clear headline and sub-heading that explains what the page is all about with 100% clarity. Some pages try and come up with clever and witty headlines and in nearly every occasion I have been able to prove that a simple statement based headline will increase clarity for the visitor and drive conversions.

You then need to implement clarity for the form which is currently being overwhelmed by the image to the left of it. You will see in my mockup I tried to add some more whitespace next to the form to improve the clarity as well as generate a slight direction cue towards the form with the curve of the image.

I would look to have a lifestyle image on the page with a couple looking really happy in their luxury new pad, glass of champagne in their hand smiling... Living a luxury lifestyle. People are always buying into an image of how they want themselves to be/appear to others.

The CTA should clearly explain what will happen when they click... Are they getting a callback? A Brochure? A Sales Call? Where is that form leading for the visitor, I had no idea what would happen if I submitted my details and your visitors wont know either.. Anxiety created..... Visitors lost.

It would be interesting to see if you can replace the whole section under the hero image/form with an image gallery of 'luxury' images of the apartments, as people buy with their eyes and not through reading sales copy.

Just a few pointers.
David Shaw
Level 11
richpage75 08-13-14

Re: Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

Not too bad... and a good style. Here is what I feel needs tested adding:

- testing adding a 'learn more' call-to-action button which goes through to a page with more detail (more photos, videos, a location map, details of the sellers etc). Currently, there probably isn't enough detail on this page for someone to make a decision.

- there is no social proof on this page - it needs to state how many have been sold, and testimonials from people that were happy with the purchase, or dealing with the realtor/property sellers.

- test adding some element of scarcity - how many properties are still available, and how long they are likely to be available. This will increase the urgency and get more people filling in the form.

- seeing as the goal is a form completion, a much better incentive needs to be offered. Instead of just a generic contact form, you should give something of value if visitors give their details. This could be something monetary like a $10 gift certificate, a free small tips ebook about buying luxury property or even some element of discount or rebate.

And if you really wanted to cheat it, you could always remove the phone number to increase form completions Smiley Wink But on a serious note, you should track the phone number with a specific number so you know how much it is cannibalizing your form completions.

Hope that helps!
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Amanda 08-20-14

Re: Help optimize this page and provide testing ideas!

These are all such amazing responses! @megmcshe , we would love if you could post what you've ended up deciding to test and if you ultimately see any results from the ideas here. 


For the second feature in this series, we've posted a landing page from our friend Cristina at the Chicago Tribune. She is eager to hear your advice and get started testing. Help Cristina out and sumbit some testing ideas.