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How adding "Text Message" option to CTA helped us

Jonathan 01-12-15

How adding "Text Message" option to CTA helped us

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I started to add a Text option to my CTA. Wow. Quite amazing I must say.


It goes like this:

Text or Call us at 555-555-5555


Users seem to really like it and I get SMS now on a daily basis. Cool thing is that no matter what, now I have their phone number and if playing it right, I can keep texting or calling to retrive the rest of the information to complete the lead.


Let me know ow it worked for you!


Good luck!

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Amanda 01-13-15

Re: How adding "Text Message" option to CTA helped us

Thanks for sharing!  I have a few questions:


  • Can you provide some more information on what your hypothesis is for adding the text option? 
  • Are you finding that more people are entering their phone number into the registration form b/c of this option? Is this an optional field?
  • What type of business are you in? I only ask because text messages may be a great option for a type of industry with a long sales cycle, but not as good for other industries. 
Jonathan 01-13-15

Re: How adding "Text Message" option to CTA helped us

It might not seem that way but SMS is a huge part of our "communication" life. Almost 75% of Americans who has a cell uses SMS. That's Big! So knowing that, adding the Text option is simply a must.

Yes. It's optional. Actually, it has nothing to do with the form. It's about giving the user the simple notion that this number they see ACTUALLY goes somewhere, to someone. It's not just a big toll free number and he's one of many (btw, a toll free number can also receive sms).

I learned that text message is beneficial surprisingly in many type of businesses. In the emergency business, realty and even the towing business. Users really embraced that option and some (even in emergencies) never even wanted to jump on the phone.
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