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How you do Optimizely at your organisation

natsanchita 10-14-15

How you do Optimizely at your organisation



I am really interested in how other organisations use Optimizely. We have had it over 6 months & we have no real 'experts' in the team but it's been assigned to me to lead the process. We currently operate a fellowship team structure but finding having lots of admins who can approve tests a bit confusing to the process.


I sit in the UX team so we are thinking just UX should be the admins so that there is an overview of what is happening across the whole website to ensure there aren't too many disruptions to tests.


Also our template is one that has been given to us by Optimizely and i am trying to streamline it as currently it holds too much detail. I want to get a mix of the right information that is helpful and not putting people off.


Would just be really interested to hear from others how they got their process set up and what templates they use and just share knowlege and tips!



Amanda 10-14-15

Re: How you do Optimizely at your organisation

@natsanchita - Thanks for posting this! We have a lot of members in this community who have a lot of knowledge on this topic. Here are a few resources that should help out. I'd recommend you review this and then post back in here if you have any follow-up questions


Can you share some more information on what you mean by the template you are using? Is this for test prioritization? Or is it for something else?


The more you can tell us about what specifically you are hoping to optimize in your process, the better. 


Looking forward to hearing back from you! 



MartijnSch 10-15-15

Re: How you do Optimizely at your organisation

Hi Natalie,

Trying to understand your process a little bit more, could you explain a little bit more what you see as the admins that are working on your testing program?
rhokstar 10-20-15

Re: How you do Optimizely at your organisation

Organization size is also a factor in growing optimization.

Huge multinational companies are going to have a tougher time building an optimization culture because there's a lot to deal with like: what do I optimize, what's the priority, and managers/leaders who are protecting their opinions from scrutiny.

SMB's can move a lot faster but expect lots of road blockers (small political factions holding on to their stake).

People are weird like that. There's so much opportunity out there from have a testing culture that no one person can have it all.
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Amanda 10-21-15

Re: How you do Optimizely at your organisation

Great point @rhokstar . How would you categorize your own company? Are you big or small? Are there any major wins you've had in establishing process or team organization? We'd love to hear about it. 

natsanchita 10-22-15

Re: How you do Optimizely at your organisation

The admins would essentially be able to set up a test but could not make it live. We are thinking there needs to be someone overseeing all tests and making it live to ensure no disruptions.
rhokstar 10-22-15

Re: How you do Optimizely at your organisation

You'll need "buy in" from other people to ensure the test is not disrupted. Any changes to the test makes it invalid and you have to start all over again.

The admins should be the ones to make the tests start and stop. Otherwise they should not be called admins in this context but rather developers/designers instead. The testing manager can make the test live then.
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