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Ideas and opinion for my landing page

PietroMantovani 06-23-15
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Ideas and opinion for my landing page



I'm new to this board. I'm creating a new landing page, could you please give me some ideas/opinion? I would like to make some decision before starting testing.


- Landing 3 BIS



- Landing 4




I not sure about:


1) two forms?

2) I like the second version but has no keyword related image (so, no ALT Tag, what about Adwords Quality?)

3) I have no footer, do you think I should add one with all link to our website? (Company/News/Contact/Privacy..)


Any suggestion's welcome.


Thank you very much,

Pietro Mantovani
Web Marketing Manager

Re: Ideas and opinion for my landing page

Any comment? Noob here, I'm I doing something wrong?
Pietro Mantovani
Web Marketing Manager
Mario 06-24-15

Re: Ideas and opinion for my landing page

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Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out to Optiverse. Since there are probably more people around who can give you even better advice in how to design your test, I'd like to point out the total amount of changes you are applying to your experiment.


Many changes make it harder to evaluate which particular change (position, color, size, text, ... ) actually had the most impact on the conversion rate which you are tracking with your goals. Perhaps it might be a combination of different things. This is a reason why people run multivariate tests to figure out which combination performs the best. Unfortunately, this approach also requires a significant higher amount of traffic (visitors) to reach statistical significance for every combination.


Our Optimizely Academy provides helpful articles, how to design and set up a test and come up with useful testing ideas.


I hope this is helpful.




Sr. Technical Support Engineer
EMEA | Amsterdam

Re: Ideas and opinion for my landing page

Hi mario,


thank you for yoyr reply, I do understand that testing too many things could make it harder.  I'd like to start avoiding "already known" common mistakes.. (I'm sure there are..) that's the meanings of my request.

Pietro Mantovani
Web Marketing Manager

Re: Ideas and opinion for my landing page

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Hi Pietro,


A website redesign the the PERFECT time to test. I suggest that rather than make these decisions before testing with Optimizely, you use Optimizely to help make these decisions. There is ample opportunity to test here and I'd love to offer my perspective on what makes for an impactful test. 


What is your main business objective on this page? 


This looks like a lead generation form. Are you attempting to increase conversions? Generally, you want to keep your ideas tightly focused by explicitly aligning testing goals to business goals. Otherwise, you might find yourself making UX changing ad-hoc, without a clear objective or desired result. Its easier to decide what to test when you know WHY you are testing it.


Let's revisit some of the UX changes you mentioned. I have a couple questions to help with brainstorming.


1) Form (Test 1)

What is your theory of the user experience with your current form.

  • Do users need more clarity?
  • A stronger call to action?
  • Are users searching around the website for other information before filling out the form?
  • What pain points are users currently experiencing? 
  • What would result in increased conversions?

Questions we are seeking to answer:

  • Should you include two forms? 
  • How will the variable you introduce (two forms) result in significant behavioral change (i.e. increased conversions)? Will this make siging up easier and more clear, or more confusing?

What's your hypothesis? 

“If [variable you are changing], then [result], because [rationale].”


2) Two Forms: Version 1 or Version 2 (Test Two)

This seems like an entirely different test than the above. I would run this as a seperate test after the first test. I would ask myself similar questions about what impact the changes might have on user experience. 


For example, you might hypothesize:

Version 1 will increase conversions to the form because there is a visual call to action that connects with the user emotionally.


Version 2 will increase conversions to the form because it de-clutters the page and makes the form more prominent.


I'm not sure about the impact on Adwords so I will leave that question to another member of our community.


3) Adding a Footer (Test Three)


I would encourage you to make this a third, separate test. As Mario mentioned, the fewer variables you test the better you'll be able to tie significant results to the changes you made. I would also encourage you to brainstorm the business impact you believe this change will have towards achieving your primary business goals.


Hopefully my post helps some! We have a ton of Strategy articles in our Optiverse and I invite you to explore! Also, here are some handy knowledge-based articles for testing ideas.


- Testing Ideas for E-commerce sites

- Testing Ideas for Lead Generation and B2B sites


Best of luck!



Amy Herbertson
Customer Success

Re: Ideas and opinion for my landing page

A big thank you for your time Mary! Great ideas for my testing.
Pietro Mantovani
Web Marketing Manager