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Ideas for optimizing this landing page... please help!

alexp 10-09-14

Ideas for optimizing this landing page... please help!

Hi everyone!


This is my first post on the Optiverse forums so please go easy on me Smiley Happy


I'm new to Optimizely but not to the concept of A/B testing. As a web developer I've set up my own tests in the past using Google Analytics and had moderate success.


But I'm really stuck for testing ideas on a new landing page I'm working on.


You can see the landing page here:


I'm driving traffic to it from Facebook and Twitter ads. I've tested plenty of creative and I'm seeing relatively high CTRs. I have an Optimizely split testing running - a simple change to the headline of the page - but am seeing a registration rate of little over 1% for both variants.


Additionally I just gave a unique link to the landing page to a well respected guy in the London startup scene who has tweeted it out - 45 visits from the tweet but not one registration!


Any ideas you have on improving registration conversion would be greatly appreciated.



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alexp 10-09-14

Re: Ideas for optimizing this landing page... please help!

[ Edited ]

The site refers to jobs based in the UK with salaries in £'s so I should mention that all paid adverts have been targeted at a UK audience. As such my expectation was that the page is geographically relevant to the visitors.

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adzeds 10-10-14

Re: Ideas for optimizing this landing page... please help!

Nice layout for the page.

I think your wins are going to come from copy optimization at this point.

I would look to try a few variations on the main title and make focus it around the 'Earn' potential.

I also think you could use 3 bullet points under the title rather than a text block.

The top CTA is very committal with the 'sign up'. You could try 'Start Matching Now' or 'Start Earning Today', 'Start Earning Now'.

I think finding the right combination above will help you generate a good increase in conversions. Need to make sure what you are offering is clear!

David Shaw
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