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Learn How to Define Testing Goals that Influence Conversion

Khattaab 08-26-15

Learn How to Define Testing Goals that Influence Conversion

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I’m Khattaab Khan, a Strategy Consultant at Optimizely. I just hosted an online workshop called “Define Testing Goals that Influence Conversion” as part of our hands-on Optimizely Workshop series. Today, we covered:


  • Goal Alignment: Align company objectives with experiment goals
  • Goal Breakdown: Divide KPIs into unit level goals
  • Goal Mapping: Develop strategies and tactics to reach those goals
  • Goal Setup: Translate those goals into Optimizely


Taking the time to define your goals will make testing more effective, and help you achieve the results you’re after.  What should you take into consideration?


Goal Alignment

Running experiments without well defined goals makes it difficult to measure their effectiveness. What impact do your experiments have on the bottom line? Aligning your experiment goals with company objectives will help you increase conversion on the metrics that matter.

Goal Alignment.png

Goal Breakdown

Top level company goals are not always the best way to measure the success of an experiment.  Breaking down the metrics to the unit level allows you to focus on improving one number, and then accounting for that improvement all the way back to the top.

Goal Breakdown.png

Goal Mapping

With a unit level goal and baseline number, think of strategies that will help increase that metric. Then come up with a few tactics to implement those strategies as variations in your experiment.


Here’s how it works for Average Quantity:


Goal Mapping.png


Goal Setup

The last step is create the unit level goals in Optimizely, so we can track the performance of our strategies and tactics. Click goals and pageview goals are simple to set up, but any behaviour can be tracked with a custom event goal, including Average Quantity!  


Goal Setup.png


Read more about clicks goals, pageview goals, and custom event goals in our Knowledge Base.



Being able to increase one unit level goal can have a compound effect upstream.  And being able to assign credit for that increase to your experimentation will help prove the value of testing to your organization.

Goal Breakdown2.png


That’s it.  Go forth and define testing goals that influence conversion!





  • For the goal creation worksheet, click on the attachment below.
  • To learn more from our Optimizely Workshop series, sign up here.

Khattaab Khan
Director, Experience Optimization | BVAccel
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eOps 08-29-15

Re: Learn How to Define Testing Goals that Influence Conversion

Great Workshop.  A group of us enjoyed it.   Thanks for putting it on!

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