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Meet Optimizely X Webinar Series

Julie 10-12-16

Meet Optimizely X Webinar Series

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Hello, Optiverse Community! I’m excited to share the details of Optimizely’s new webinar series as we would love your feedback and participation.


Between October 18th and November 1st, we'll be hosting a new webinar series called "Meet Optimizely X: the Experimentation Platform". (You can check out the series and register here).


Join us and you will learn how Optimizely X can help you:

  • Push the boundaries of experimentation to better understand customers, inform critical decisions, and move quickly when developing customer experiences
  • Empower a wide range of teams and roles in your company to improve every web experience
  • Rapidly test applications written in Python, Java, Ruby, and Node
  • Automatically add recommendations to any webpage to better engage visitors with relevant products or content


Webinar Details:

Also, feel free to share this series with your peers with the social posts below:

  • Twitter - RSVP for @Optimizely’s webinar series: learn how to optimize the entire customer journey on any channel, device, or app 
  • LinkedIn – Empower a range of teams & roles to improve every digital customer experience: RSVP to learn how in this Optimizely webinar series. 

In the comments below, feel free to tell us which webinar you’re looking forward to most and if there’s a webinar topic you’d like us to cover in the future.

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