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Metric for viewing two pages

ethman42 01-29-19

Metric for viewing two pages

I am trying to create an event for a user hitting two separate pages. I know that I can create a pageview goal for 1 of several pages, but I need this to only fire when a user visits both pages. Is there a way to do this with a standard pageview event? Or do I need to figure out a way to do this through code?

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Tanka 01-30-19

Re: Metric for viewing two pages

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I don't think the normal process of creating an event will be enough for your use case. The big question is: how can we track user behavior or determine that the user has already visited a specific webpage?

In my knowledge, you will surely need some kind of code which will

1) store the webpage visit information on a cookie,
2) check the cookie and fire a custom event if the visitor has gone to both webpages.

This link will get more details on how to create a custom event:

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Re: Metric for viewing two pages

There is an option when you create a page to only validate when "all" are active instead of when "any" are. But, I believe this checks for both URLs to be active at the same time, which is impossible with full URL paths. There may be an easy work around though...

If I understand correctly, you want a conversion metric on your optimizely test that says that a user hit 2 specific pages (meaning they have to hit both pages). Does the order of these page visits matter, or do they always go from one to the other? If there is an order, you could use the last page (since the first was passed through to get there). If not, you may try creating that metric within your analytics tool. I've done that before in Adobe Analytics, and it is usually pretty simple.
Parker Sorensen