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More than 1 page view

nicolelaz 04-26-16

More than 1 page view

How can I set up a goal with the following conditon: 


Peolple have to vistit a page with '1077' in the URL 

and Peole have to vistit the confirmation page. So they must have watched at least 2 pages. 


So it's and not or (page views) 


Is this posibble? 




JasonDahlin 04-26-16

Re: More than 1 page view

@nicolelaz -Checkout out how to build "Custom Events"


You will need to handle the logic on your side, such as:

1- when user visits site with 1077 in the URL, drop a cookie or use localStorage/sessionStorage:


window.localStorage.tenseventyseven= true;



2- on the confirmation page, if the user has the cookie/storage indicator, run the code that tracks the goal:


if (window.localStorage.tenseventyseven=='true') {
window.optimizely.push(["trackEvent", "confirmation_1077"]);


--Jason Dahlin
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