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Navigation Test

Wowie 05-06-16

Navigation Test

Hi guys - we are about two weeks away from going live with a new navigation test, which is exciting, but the way we have approached it as a business has been from a 'we want to make it look prettier'.


I'd love to hear from the community here how you would measure the success of a navigation change like this?

Would love your thoughts and/or suggestions.


The way I am looking to do it is as follows:


With the end goal being bets placed using number of bets placed conversion - thinking being if the new nav makes it easier to find the page/market a users is after, conversion will go up.


Will will also be looking in Google Analytics for time spent on page, page value, exit rate etc.


Obviously many of our repeat users are “trained” to use the old nav and a change could throw them. To counter this we will use a segment for “New Users”, so we can look at them in isolation, I think they’re a better measure of this UX change. One problem we are going to encounter is the login/logged out state so we may just target Chrome browser instead.


You can view the current sports nav here and view the new nav here




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DavidS 05-09-16

Re: Navigation Test

Hi Wowie,


Thanks for reaching out to Optiverse!

To answer your question, if the end goal of the navigation change is to increase the number of bets being placed, then this should be the metric you would track to determine if the experiment is successful or not. Out of the two variations (original nav and new nav), which one generates the most bets? This is something you should be able to have a clear view on, with the right Custom Event Goals set in Optimizely.  


Regarding the logged in/logged out state, depending on the plan you are on, you can set up an Audience condition that would include or exclude certain users (with a Custom Javascript condition or Custom Tags). 


It's very exciting to start testing! Let us know how your test does!