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[New Resources] Download the 2016 Testing Toolkit

ShanaR 01-05-16

[New Resources] Download the 2016 Testing Toolkit



We want to make sure 2016 is the your best year yet; that you make decisions grounded in data and customer understanding, and that your ambitious goals are within reach.


That’s why we’ve put together the 2016 Testing Toolkit, chock-full of resources to help you start or grow an A/B testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) program. Whether you’re on test number one or 1,000, the tools inside this toolkit can help make sure you run more winning experiments this year than ever before.


The toolkit includes:


  • Infographic of Test Ideas by Industry
  • Test Ideation and Hypothesis Generation Worksheets
  • Test Idea Prioritization Frameworks
  • Test Plan Template
  • Results Sharing Presentation Template
  • Testing Overview Presentation Template
  • Test Idea Submission Flyer Template
  • Testing Hackathon Flyer Template


Download the 2016 Testing Toolkit to get started!


As always, let us know if you have any feedback, commeents, or requests for future content and resources.

Shana Rusonis
Content Marketing Manager, Optimizely