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Optimizely + Bounce Exchange

dylanwhitman 06-18-15

Optimizely + Bounce Exchange

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Does anyone here have experience using Optimizely in conjunction with Bounce Exchange or independently of eachother?


Bounce exchange appears to previously be more about exit intent, but now seems to be moving more in to the general CRO game as a competitor to Optimizely, however it is a self managed service, with their own strategy, exection, technology and reporting (this makes me highly skeptical - no checks and balances).

I had the opportunity to speak with the Bounce Exchange team recently. The first call they said they can run over 700 tests a year on sites that statistically don't support that (unique visitors). They later said 200+ which I still am skeptical of.


When I asked them about this seeming challenge, the response was "We iterate at a very quick rate and not all tests are built to reach statistical significance. For instance, we run some messaging for BrandNameRedacted where we're not actually testing anything. Additionally, one true "test" may consist of many parts/creatives -- those analytics roll up to the higher level test."



Lastly, I asked them if they could work in conjunction with Optimizely and they said yes - I don't see how that's possible. They both work on a Javascript layer in a similar way and I can't imagine how two multivariate testing platforms could work simultanously and not pervert eachothers results.


This is a fast growing company aggressively marketing their platform. To me the numbers don't make sense but I'd love to hear the thoughts of others!


It's equally possible that there are particulars about the platform that I don't yet understand or am not privy to - so if you have used it in execution in recent months i'd especially love to hear your thoughts!

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Re: Optimizely + Bounce Exchange

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Hi @dylanwhitman,


I found a Community post from a couple months ago here that points to an external blog with more details about Bounce Exchange and other exit intent tools, both free and paid, self- and full-service.


In general it appears this is a rarely used tool in conjunction with Optimizely.  If anyone else in the community has any experinece with it we'd also love to hear your thoughts!



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