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Optimizely Winner vs Data Analysis

jpfotoz 01-05-18

Optimizely Winner vs Data Analysis

Hi -- question on data analysis processes and is more relavent to sites that do lead generation.


My lead generation site has the common CTA's - Click to Call, Chat and a Request Information form. When you have an experiment that is either a winner or in conclusive -- how much of a deep dive into how the experiment effected the the other CTA's? 


For example we made a change to a page where we added icons next to links that lead the user to other pages in the site.   The icons were successful in driving more traffic to those pages.   Our performane team then analyzed the GA data of the experiment page AND the subsuquent pages -- focusing on the 3 CTA's. They recommend we run the experiment another 2-3 weeks. based on multiple traffic channels and platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop).  They looked at metrics such as successful form submitions (we have certian criteria that determine if the lead is valid or not), Click to call rates and Chat rates. 


Is this sort of deep dive common in your company -- or do you simply rely on the results from Optimizely?



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JasonDahlin 01-05-18

Re: Optimizely Winner vs Data Analysis

We *always* do a deep dive. Determining impacts on other events is absolutely necessary.

You can increase click-rate, but are the new leads high quality or low-quality? (it costs money to follow up on leads, so even though the new CTA is generating more leads they could be lower quality which ultimately costs you money).

Is the new CTA taking away from the number of users that would have clicked other CTAs? Even though you may have increased the Hero's click-rate, you've decreased "click to chat" and "click to call'.
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vishwa43 02-06-18

Re: Optimizely Winner vs Data Analysis