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Parallax Conversion Rate Optimization

Ymountassir 04-14-15

Parallax Conversion Rate Optimization

Hey guys,


Have some of you done tests on Parallax websites? We are about to embark on CRO for a parallax website and are looking for ideas to test, and or successes that you guys have had on parallax websites.


Maybe also some common pitfalls when testing on parallax sites.




Yassine Mountassir

Ehsan 04-15-15

Re: Parallax Conversion Rate Optimization

Hi Yassine,


I am happy to point you in the right direction regarding the things to look out when testing.  For any kind of page where content loads dynamically, the challeges revolve around the timing of events.


These two support articles go into further detail:


Modifying content that is not immediately available


Activation Mode: Activating an experiment dynamically after a page has loaded


For tracking goals, you will need to set Custom Event goals to allow you to capture and report on visitor actions or events that might not be related exclusively to clicks or page views.


Test ideas might not vary drastically from more traditional sites, but I will defer to the communtiy for further comment.


Is that helpful?  Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.