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Personalizing copy based on time of day

HeatherMiller 10-22-15

Personalizing copy based on time of day

Has anyone done anything around testing copy based on time of the day? I am keen to test this but unsure what the best way to execute the test is so not to skew any of the data with various tests running on the same page. I plan to keep things simple first, but any insight will be extremely helpful.

Re: Personalizing copy based on time of day

Hi @HeatherMiller,


Thanks for contributing to the Optiverse! I'm Becca Bruggman a Solutions Architect at Optimizely and wanted to provide some help for you.


If you have our Enterprise account, you are able to create an audience that specifically targets visitors based on time of day (with time being based on their loacal time):


If you are making changes to the same elements across tests and are worried that creating one that only ran at a certain time of day could cause conflicts, you could leverage our mutually exclusive code that only allows visitors to be included in one of multiple tests running on a single page.


Did I explain the above well? Did you have any follow-up questions?