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Remote user testing - any recommendations?

leepearso 02-15-16

Remote user testing - any recommendations?

Can anyone recommend or has anyone had any experience with any remote user testing tool? 


Inparticular userzoom, whatusersdo or


Re: Remote user testing - any recommendations?

I use fairly often and I'm pretty happy with it. What are your plans for using this kind of tool? I typically only use this for UX changes we have not pushed to production yet. Session playback may be a better option for user testing of live UXs depending on your needs.


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glvzLIFT 02-18-16

Re: Remote user testing - any recommendations?

UserTesting is a well-designed platform backed by solid services. It can be pretty compelling to be able to spotlight specific user issues (bookmark & share) with stakeholders and decision-makers as part of pitches for resources or solutions.

For Pro Users, the available research resources comes in very handy. As with onsite user testing, it's a fair bit of work to go through all the videos and collate the results. For basic plan users, it's common to under-estimate the time needed to review and process the findings (especially if you don't have a UX/research background).

Overall, we've found it most effective to first use analytics to spot the problem areas, then limit the scope of user test to get to the "why" the problems are occurring. It keeps the videos short and focused, and can help you increase # of users in the test. It's great to do a few full path user tests periodically, but it can become a bit of a fishing expedition.
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Re: Remote user testing - any recommendations?

Budget is also a big factor. I've used the PAYG whatusersdo service for a while now, as it's pretty cost effective, and flexible as you only need to purchase credits when you need them.


The main drawback is that it's desktop only, with mobile (and tablet sessions) only coming with the managed service option, and this is becoming an increasingly significant limitation. At the time Userzoom were more expensive than the WUD managed service, but it did appear to be a much more superior product as it applied pretty high volume quantitative metrics to the qualitative info you get.


If you do have the budget available, I'd suggest using a PAYG service like WUD to see it it works for you and most importantly understand how much time you have to give to it as writing scripts and watching videos is pretty time consuming (but most definately worth it!). If it's a success then this could justify, and maybe help write the business case for a managed service or more costly supplier. 

I'd also suggest using the free trial of something like Inspectlet to see if watching live user sessions on your site is something that you find valuable.


Hope that helps