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Responsive vs

cubelodyte 03-05-15
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Responsive vs

We're about to implement a responsive design site to take the place of a current redirect to an which occurs based on user agent. 


Has anyone found a way to test one against the other in an Optimizely experiment?

Scott Ehly
Manager of Site Optimization

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Shaunak 03-05-15

Re: Responsive vs

Hi Scott,


You should be able to set up a responsive vs redirect test. Once you have set that up, the next step will be to add an Audience condition, to target the test only to a mobile device.


This way you are making sure that evey user who comes from a mobile device, either sees your page or gets redirected to the responsive one.


Let me know if that helps.



Shaunak Mali

Solutions Architect | Optimizely 

adzeds 03-06-15

Re: Responsive vs

A redirect test is the way to go with this type of test.


It can often look a little daunting at the start but usually implementation is quite straight forward.


This is how I would do it.


Launch the Responsive changes to your main site. 

Remove the mobile redirect to the mobile site that currently exists

Switch to a Optimizely redirect to the mobile site (ensure your audience matching is set to target just mobile users)

Set up your goals so that they will track on either the responsive site or the mobile site.


This should get you up and running..

David Shaw
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