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SEM-driven test ideas

lhasz 11-16-15

SEM-driven test ideas

Hey there- I am trying to help my client brainstorm around SEM-driven test ideas. So far, we've seen that removing the header and footer on landing pages has increased engagement. Does anyone else have any other ideas or successes they could share?

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Takeshi 11-16-15

Re: SEM-driven test ideas

Hi Lhasz!

Have you tried creating custom segments and then using symmetric messaging between your ads and landing pages? That is something we personally do on our site, and have seen a tremendous improvement in conversion rates. You can read more about symmetric messaging here:

Here is another customer that used symmetric messaging & personalization to improve conversion rates on their landing page:

What type of website do you have? We have many more A/B testing ideas on our blog, but many of them are vertical specific:
Takeshi Young - SEO Manager, Optimizely