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Scrolling CTA in Homepage Hero

MorganFriberg 12-18-14

Scrolling CTA in Homepage Hero

For whatever reason, the v.1 of our homepage had the main 'Try' CTA scroll with each hero display. Light research shows that you want your main CTA always present, and not moving. People often make it a part of a sticky nav. 


We thought we'd test this, and as it turns out.... drum roll..... a sticky CTA did have slightly higher conversions, but it wasn't that statisticaly significant in our case. We updated our site anyways to have the sticky CTA, but this test goes to showt that your gut and what works for others isn't always what's best. 


The best thing to do is test everything and let the data lead the way. What works for others, will not always be what's best for you. 


Test on!

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Amanda 12-18-14

Re: Scrolling CTA in Homepage Hero

Thanks for sharing! This is great. Just to confirm I'm understanding your test correctly --- you tested the CTA just staying put in the head of the page vs. having the CTA be sticky at the top of the page as a visitor scrolls?

P.S. I love the phrase you used: "let data lead the way."

Re: Scrolling CTA in Homepage Hero

The 'A' was leaving the CTA as is which would scroll off the screen for a split second until the next hero banner scrolled in. All hero banners had the same CTA, but there was a moment when it would zip off the screen. The 'B' was making the CTA static and never leave the screen - it was always present in the upper left of the screen.