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Senior Analyst, Growth [jobs][careers]

cristian 12-13-16

Senior Analyst, Growth [jobs][careers]

About the Role

We are seeking a sharp Data Analyst to provide insights and recommendations to help drive strategy and execution within WeWork’s Growth team. Our mission is grow our community by helping people find their perfect WeWork solution in an inspiring & trustworthy way. The Growth team is tasked with the important mission of creating the best web and product experience to increase traffic volume, engagement, and membership signups.

The ideal candidate is highly analytical, passionate about generating hypotheses for business problems, and excellent at developing solutions. The role will span a variety of aspects around a particular product offering and may cover areas such as web analytics, user analysis, UX as well as market analysis. This is a particularly exciting role for an analyst to be able to directly responsible for driving a significant amount of business for one of the fastest growing startup  in the world. 


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Re: Senior Analyst, Growth [jobs][careers]

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I meet the requirements but I dont live in US (I can work as remote member) of course if you are interested
let me know please and I can send you my resume/portfolio/info

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