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Small copy/layout change led to a 70% conversion uplift!

CK-Matthew 07-25-14

Small copy/layout change led to a 70% conversion uplift!

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At Conversion Kings we are fortunate enough to work with some of Australia's leading and most respected brands who already have sophisticated teams of talented e-commerce professionals. These guys and girls have through their own experience driven their company’s existing conversion rates to above expected results. So by the time Conversion Kings gets involved we need to improve a conversion rate which has already been heavily optimised... no pressure! Smiley Happy


One test that stands out in my mind was for an online retailer (sorry I can't say who due to privacy, but lets say in their vertical they are the largest in Australia) who had pushed the conversion rate into double figures for a particular service and Conversion Kings was asked to see if we could improve it further. Running through our set process of:


1. Analysis & Research - Finding where the problems were by analyzing; website journeies, customer and competitors.

2. Solutions – Building a strategic plan of how to fix and;

3. Testing - Test to achieve expected results


I was surprised by the test results, not for the outcome but the size of improvement.


Following our process, the first phase of analysis/research found that visitors were extremely anxious about how they would pay for the service, which was interesting as the copy on the page described it. What we also found through looking at users on-page behavior was, they normally skimmed over the page and did not even read the copy. A great example here of making a page so frictionless that it lacked value and in-turn increased anxiety.


These great insights did not land on our lap by luck, we needed to actively find them by again following our process which included reviewing heat mapping activity of users and analyzing that data in conjunction with user session duration to produce a hypothesis of what users were doing.


Once all the data was collated and researched, the answer became clearly apparent, the next step was to test …



Will interrupting the users on page journey by highlighting payment details increase conversion rates?


Expected outcome:

We expected an increase in bounce rate, though engaged users will convert at a higher rate.



The way we highlighted the payment details was:


  1. Position: In the line of customers eye direction as they moved down the page
  2. Contrast: Increased the contrast of the copy to make it stand out
  3. Simplified: The copy by reducing a paragraph of text to only a number of points



The variation increased conversions per visitor by 69.9% at 95% confidence and a 3% minimum detectable effect. There was a total of 5 variations for this test and the winning variation was the last one on the test list which is a great lesson in strategically planning your tests and then following your plan remembering you may be only one test away from finding the ultimate goal.


The main difference between the losing and winning variation was removing unnecessary text that led to reducing distraction and making the information easier to read.


The learnings from this test were that for this retailer, their online users are rushed and if not interrupted will overlook subtle hints and need more direction and assistance when making decisions. This critical finding has now shaped the following tests throughout the site that are proving to be extremely successful for both sales and reduction in time needed from the customer service department.

Kathryn 07-25-14

Re: Small copy/layout change led to a 70% conversion uplift!

This is a fantastic outcome! Thank you for sharing Matthew!