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[Success] Increased leads from content pages by 98%

Takeshi 05-03-16

[Success] Increased leads from content pages by 98%

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The optimization glossary is a resource on our site that generates a large volume of traffic every month (20,000+ visitors) but the existing CTA (a free trial form at the bottom of the page) only has a 1% conversion rate.


The purpose of this experiment was to increase the conversion rate of these pages by having a popup promoting a piece of gated content display after the user had scrolled a certain amount of the page.



  1. Adding a scroll popup to glossary pages promoting our Testing Toolkit will lead to an increase in ebook downloads/leads
  2. Adding a scroll popup will not adversely affect our existing CTA too much (net positive)


Experiment Details:



Duration: 2 months

Audience: English speakers, Desktop only










The test resulted in a large number of clicks on the popup with a 2.13% conversion rate. The experiment tracked clicks instead of conversions (something I need to fix for future experiments), but from our analytics we know that there is a 57% conversion rate from clicking on the popup to form submission.




As far as impact on the original CTA, there was a small 17% decrease in conversions on the original CTA. This result is not statistically significant, but given the volume of traffic, if there is a negative impact from the change, it is not very large.




Taking the new leads generated by the popup and subtracting the decrease in leads from the old form, the variation resulted in a 98% increase in leads overall.


In addition to the primary conversion metrics, I also tracked how many people closed the popup once it when it was displayed:




Next Steps:


  • Use Optimizely Personalization to hide the popup for people who have already closed it or downloaded the content already. Or alternatively, display a different offer.
    Update: This is now live!

  • Test different buttons: Our HiPPO (highest paid person's opinion) is that the button is off-brand. We can test changing the button to see if it has any impact on conversions (my preference is for orange buttons).
    Update: The test concluded with no statistically significant result, so the button color was changed to please the HiPPO.

  • Run the successful variation of other pages on our website, such as the blog.
    Update: The test was run successfully on the blog as well, leading to a 90% increase in leads.

  • Test different offers: The experiment promotes our Testing Toolkit, but we can also try testing other gated content to see if they perform better.

  • Test different copy: The copy for the banner could be improved to make it more enticing.

  • Test popup designs: The current popup is pretty bland and simple. We could test redesigning the popup to make it more visually appealing and stand out more. We could also try different sizes, locations, etc.


Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Takeshi Young - SEO Manager, Optimizely