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Surprising Result: Removing Content Increases Conversion

Gajan 07-24-14

Surprising Result: Removing Content Increases Conversion

We more than doubled a client's conversion rate by stripping away most of the content from their website.  


A client who provides big ticket elective medical treatment has a website that it uses for lead generation.  The objective of the website is to generate phone calls to their call center which will lead to sales.


The original website had a wealth of information about the medical procedure based on research the client had undertaken on the customer's most common questions.  The information was well presented with videos, diagrams, and well written text.


We knew from our own research that the customer segment did a lot of research before acting.  The median customer did research for around 17 months before making a purchase decision.  They looked at our competitor's sites, informational sites (like WebMD), and patient forums.


Our hypothesis that customers were caught in analysis-paralysis.  They would endlessly consume information, and that by supplying more information we just feeding their addiction.  


So we stripped away most of the content.  Time on site dropped precipitously, but conversion was basically flat.


This told us that the content was not helping turn visitors into buyers.


Then we tried adding back all the questions to tease answers.  (e.g. "How much will it cost?"  "Is it covered by insurance." ...)  With a call to action asking prospect to call in to get answers.  Conversion went up a lot.

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Amanda 07-24-14

Re: Surprising Result: Removing Content Increases Conversion

This is fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing!