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The Personalization Toolkit is Available

Cara 02-18-16

The Personalization Toolkit is Available

Hello Optiverse! Exciting to share that a project we've been working on is now available for download — the Personalization Toolkit: a set of resources for jumptarting your online personalization strategy. 



The toolkit is built to help you:

  • Define high-impact audiences
  • Set a foundation for scaling personalization
  • Brainstorm smart campaigns for your company 

Inside the toolkit you'll find: 

  1. eBook - How to Run Your 1st Personalization Campaign
  2. Worksheet - 5 Questions to Establish a Solid Foundation for Personalization 
  3. Worksheet - Defining Your Audiences for Personalization
  4. Google Spreadsheet Template to organize audiences + experiences (linked from other assets)

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like us to add anything else to the toolkit to help make your personalization efforts come to life.



mminshew 05-17-16

Re: The Personalization Toolkit is Available

Very helpful, Plan to use the PP slides to show the results of our first few tests soon.
Michael Minshew,
Learning something new every day.

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