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Tips for optimizing landing page design?

JohnH 03-31-15

Tips for optimizing landing page design?

Hi everyone, has anyone had any good learnings for increasing form submissions? I'd love to know what you found. I know the number of form fields can vary, but I'd love to get a general sense of what page designs have worked best for you. If anyone would be up for sharing a winning landing page, I would love to see that too. For reference, my goal is collect more email addresses via content downloads without drastically reducing the overal quality of the collected email addresses. 


Thanks in advance for your help



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adzeds 04-01-15

Re: Tips for optimizing landing page design?


If you are willing to share your landing page, I am sure many members of the community can put forward ideas for things to test based on their experiences!

I tend to find that clarity works best on landing pages. A strong, clear headline, an outline of the benefits for the user and an easy to find call to action!
David Shaw
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Re: Tips for optimizing landing page design?

Hi John,

We've done quite a bit of landing page testing, and our goals sound similar in that we're trying to get people to provide their information in exchange for a download. From research we know that you have under 5 seconds to engage and impress first time viewers before they leave your landing page. So you need to make sure the page is immediately seen as relevant, visually appealing, etc.


We have a lot of best practices that we've put together based on our testing, which are probably broad enough to fit most situations. Here are some examples:

1. The landing page should have a single purpose, providing an easy path to conversion. Remove alternate links, navigation, clutter.

2. Have a strong, clear call to action (and test this!). This should basically tell the user what to do, and it should be above the fold.

3. For buttons, contrasting colors tend to work best (test this too!). The call to action on the button should be specific to what the user will get - never use "Submit." For downloads, we've found that "Download Now" tends to work best.

4. Have a strong headline. This is what people will see first and will have the biggest impact on whether they stay or go. Test this of course... but we've found that linking the headline or subheadline with the button call to action works well. For example, if the button says "Download Now," then we've found if the headline or subheadline includes something like "Download our ...[fabulous document]" this works well.

5. Message match is important. How are you promoting your landing page? Banners? Email? PPC? It's important to make sure that there is visual continuity between the ads/promotions/emails and the landing page. And the wording/phrasing should also match pre- to post-click. If using PPC you can also use dynamic keyword insertion to help achieve this goal.

6. Try using trust signals/social proof if possible, to inspire trust and credibility. Badges, third party recognition, testimonials, reviews, etc. (But if you use testimonials, be sure to make sure it is a credible source with a name and company/title.)

7. We've found for downloads, it helps to use a visual of the document - a 'preview' if you will.

8. You might want to test whether your form is on the right or left... we've had good luck with the form on the left side.


If you could share a little more about your situation, registration process, etc., I can probably give you additional insight on the registration piece. Obviously less fields works best, but for us, we need to collect a lot of information. So we've done a lot of testing on what works best to get a user to provide 'full' information vs. just an email.


Hope this helps!
Renee Thompson

Sr. Director, Analytics and Conversion Optimization


Renée Thompson
JohnH 04-07-15

Re: Tips for optimizing landing page design?

Thank you, these are very helpful. I actually don't have a URL to share yet, we are still working on it. Thanks again. 

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ikinser 04-10-15

Re: Tips for optimizing landing page design?

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I have been reading the great tips in this chat. I just joined Optiverse and am about to start A/B testing my site. What optimization tips could you give me for


Thank you!



Ivonne Kinser
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