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Tracking time to conversion

jenny 11-17-17

Tracking time to conversion

I'm trying to set up an experiment where we're trying to increase efficiency for our user experience, and so we want to not only measure pure conversion (which we think will be steady), but time to convert (which we want to see reduce). However I'm having trouble figuring out how to set this up-- anyone have some advice or done something like this before? 



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JasonDahlin 11-17-17

Re: Tracking time to conversion

Set a cookie/storage with a value when they start.
On the Success Event, read the cookie/storage value and calculate the length of time (rounded to whatever interval is useful)
Push the calculated value into a Custom Dimension. The dimension will only have values for users who succeeded, so you'll click through each of them getting a count of how many users fall into each time bucket.
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