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Tracking user registration

kimcinc 02-14-17

Tracking user registration

I'm testing a registration form on my site. Currently I am trying to see how many users would be interested in using social signup (Facebook and Google Plus). These social buttons have no functionality yet, so when the user clicks on it a tooltip appears and tells them that this feature isn't available right now and to sign up via email. 


Is there a way to track the percentage of users that clicked on the social buttons and then registered by email?



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JasonDahlin 02-14-17

Re: Tracking user registration

You could create a custom segment for each of the buttons and use a goal on your registration page to see how many users were in either of those segments when they registered.

To set up the buttons, run code something like this when a user clicks the FaceBook button:

optimizely.push(['addToSegment', 'social_button', 'facebook']);
window.optimizely.push(['trackEvent', "sendSegmentData"]);

and something like this when they click the G+ button:

optimizely.push(['addToSegment', 'social_button', 'GooglePlus']);
window.optimizely.push(['trackEvent', "sendSegmentData"]);

You can then see how many users last clicked the "facebook" button or the "google plus" button before reachign the thankyou page.  Add these together to get the total number who clicked either one. (users in a segment can only have one value at a time, so this approach yields "last touch" attribution.)


If you want to know which is more popular, you could use different segments ("facebook_button"" and "googleplus_button") for each button (some users would be in both segments).

--Jason Dahlin
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