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Trulia Rentals

Shanann 05-12-15

Trulia Rentals

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Company:  Trulia Rentals and CROMetrics



Trulia Rentals was experiencing a degradation in conversion and engagement metrics on our mobile web platform. The main pages on which our user interact is on the Search Results Page and on the Property Display Page. In order to improve conversion, we had to think about how to either increase the pathways for the user to engage with the product or reduce friction in the current pathways that are there for the user. Another challenge here was to make sure that Trulia Rentals did not go past the ideal number of engagement pathways or over‐optimize current pathways, as then then we would be on a path of diminishing returns. This initiative occurred within Q3 and Q4 of 2014 and the primary focus was improving the lead conversion funnel (which in common terms refers to the “Contact Property” from which a user can contact a landlord for a listing).



Current Lead Conversion Pathways were all on the Property Display Page. A user could reach a lead form (to contact a property) from the following ways: ‐ Home Page → Search Results Page → Property Display Page
‐ Search Results Page → Property Display Page
‐ Property Display Page (user would come directly from SEO or from E‐mail)


Key Points of Solution:
‐ Lead Conversion, measured as Leads / Visits was dropping YoY before solution
‐ Introduce new Lead Pathway to allow user to send lead from Search Results Page itself
‐ Introduce Infinite Scroll on mWeb to allow user to go through more properties on the search results page. ‐ Metrics of 


‐‐ Lead Conversion: Leads / Visit, a measure of how well we convert our users into a lead
‐‐ SRP PVs / Visit: The number of Search Results Page Views per User Visit



We first began with the research to understand the types of lead pathways currently on our website, and took the time to understand where would be the best place to test a new pathway. We decided on the SRP as it was the other page that the user interacted with the most. Then we worked with our designer to develop the correct UI that would work on mobile web. As we thought through the UX there, we realized we should also add infinite scroll to make sure that the user does not need to manually paginate while they are on a mobile device to see more rental listings.

Decision was made to A/B test the feature where both infinite scroll was present as well as a call‐to‐action that allowed the user to contact the landlord on the Search Results page (see attached screenshot). We felt that the experience for infinite scroll and the call to action were not mutually exclusive, they would have to be launched together if we wanted to impact Lead Conversion.



Results clearly showed that users interacted well with the Infinite Scroll (with a 60%

improvement in SRP PVs/ Visit), and a healthy 15% improvement in leads / visit. This was a big success for our mobile web platform and helped turn around the YoY drop in conversion as well as drastically improve the user experience. This directly impacted Rentals Revenue, as well as influenced the rest of the company to adopt these features into the other Trulia products.


Enhanced flows: 



Property View: