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User who searched for ... liked this page!

Jonathan 12-10-14

User who searched for ... liked this page!

After my usual Amazon browse I was "inspired" by their most famous feature "customers who bought this item also bought". I was thinking of adding the actual search term that was search by the user as well as the ad he clicked on to the landing page.


By using Bing, I'm sending the search term as well as code that tells me what ad they clicked on and I'm showing these to the user.


The result is:


What do you think?

Good idea?

Poor execution?


Could it be done better?



Looking forward hearing from you,


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Aisha 12-10-14

Re: User who searched for ... liked this page!

Hi Jonathan,

Your idea looks interesting! The only thing I'm a bit unclear about is where the ad is located. I see the text "People who searched for water damage repair also found this service useful" but where is the ad located? Is the ad shown for a service that's different from the one they clicked on?

Based on the URL you listed, I think the execution is good. There are just a few things I'm unclear on!

Let us know when you get a chance!


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Jonathan 12-11-14

Re: User who searched for ... liked this page!

Sorry for not being clear. When I said I added the ad, I meant only the text of the ad. Not the actual ad.

So the first large text line you see it's the title of the ad:
Water Removal & Repair 24/7

And this is the ad's description:
Experts of Drying Wet and Flooded Basements

Makes more sense now?
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td_evans 12-11-14

Re: User who searched for ... liked this page!

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Hi Jonathan,


I'm not sure the idea is quite the same as Amazon's. Theirs is about cross-selling, up-selling and recommending products, whereas in this case it just seems to be a landing page. Where is the value (besides some kind of social proof, possibly?) in telling me other people searched for what I did, when I'm already on the page? If you wanted to cross-sell sewage cleanup for example, it'd make more sense.


But - I do like the idea of personalisation to users search terms. We've had some great success recently adapting a whole page to a search query, changing the background images, copy, testimonials. We did this by looking at our most popular biddable search terms in GA, and using the query parameters (in our case a ?saff=) parameter to determine what to show the user through the Audiences tool. Perhaps this could be an avenue to try?




Thomas Evans
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