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Using to port user data into Optimizely

cubelodyte 12-09-14

Using to port user data into Optimizely

A collegue has suggested a site called as a method for enhancing our user testing. 

The idea of the Segment tool appears to be to create a single user data cloud that can format data to a host of data tools, including Optimizely. 


To be honest, so far, I've thought mostly of of porting Optimizely data into other integrations. 


Has anyone used Segment who could provide some insight into its usefulness when combined with Optimizely?

Scott Ehly
Manager of Site Optimization

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Aisha 12-11-14

Re: Using to port user data into Optimizely

Hi cubelodyte,

Thanks for posting! I asked a few of my colleagues if any of them have ever tried the Segment-Optimizely integration, but I'm afraid that none of them have. I took a look at their website and their documentation on the integration but it contained mostly information on how to set the integration up. From what I've read, it sounds like it could be an efficient way to pass data to Optimizely but my judgment is just based on their documentation and description of how the integration works.

I see that Segment has a free option for their product so if you have the time, it would be great if you could try out the integration and report back to us (and the Community) with your thoughts. It's always best to have user insights in cases like this, as you'll have a better eye for what works and what doesn't. No pressure, though--only if you're interested/have the time!


Customer Success and Technical Support @ Optimizely!
kylerush 01-06-15

Re: Using to port user data into Optimizely

Hi cubelodyte,

We at Optimizely actually use Segment to send experiment data to Optimizely. We have had this integration deployed to our marketing website ( for several months now and I love it. From an engineering perspective, it's very nice to be able to write one line of code for a tracking event and have it get sent to all of the tracking platforms that we use (Optimizely, Google Analytics, Marketo, KISSMetrics, etc. ).

You'll benefit more from Segment if you use multiple tracking platforms. Feel free to reach out to the Segment team directly if you want more info. I've worked closely with them and they are all great.

Kyle Rush
Head of Optimization, Optimizely