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What are your top takeaways from #CROday?

Cara 04-09-15

What are your top takeaways from #CROday?

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Today is CROday which means optimization professionals are hosting webinars, meetups and in-person hangouts around the world. There is SO MUCH CONTENT to digest and SO MUCH LEARNING to do (Here are Optimizely's top picks).


Even if you can't make it in person, sign up for some of the digital events and watch later.


For those people, what are you learning? What are some actionable lessons you'll take with you and put into practice? 




AdamA 04-09-15

Re: What are your top takeaways from #CROday?

I had a blast representing Optimizely at CROday! I spoke with the awesome Oli Gardner from Unbounce about how to pair A/B testing with a culture of optimization and conversion-centered design.

One of my favorite takeaways from his presentation was around symmetric messaging for your PPC campaigns -- if your landing pages don't match the images, content, and tone of your ads, you're missing opportunities. Also, keep a relentless focus on what matters -- what's the highest-priority conversion on your page, and how do you attract attention to that and away from distractions?
ShanaR 04-10-15

Re: What are your top takeaways from #CROday?

I had a great time at CROday! It was awesome to see so many passionate optimization experts in one place. Loved your presentation, @AdamA!

I attended a session about copywriting and conversion. A good reminder of how essential trust is in driving conversions and engagement. Clear copy, written in the language of the user, is one of the easiest experiments you can run to see if you're successfully engendering that trust.

Beyond that, another important method od creating trust with a visitor/customer is social proof. This was especially true when the presenters did some homepage teardowns. Lots of critiques requesting social proof, evidence of work, third-party expertise, (unfiltered) Amazon reviews, etc. to help visitors understand and trust the value prop of a service or product.

Blog post on that topic coming soon!
Shana Rusonis
Content Marketing Manager, Optimizely