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single page inline modal A/B testing

jeffromy 02-23-16

single page inline modal A/B testing




We’re using single page web site for and for registration and payment methods we’re using inline modals, so bots cannot catch source from our webpages, is there any solution for single page web sites on Optimizely side? how can we test our checkout steps?


To review these steps :


1. You must register from the top right corner button ''Ücretsiz Dene'' (Marked in Blue)

2. ''Ücretsiz Denemeye Başla'' button

3. Enter Profil info, than contunie into Payment page

4.  We are trying to A/B test payment methods with only credit card vs. both mobile payment and credit card.


Thank you for your time.

Jeff R.


Thank you.

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JDahlinANF 02-23-16

Re: single page inline modal A/B testing

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It sounds like you will need triggers that let you know when certain events have completed (for example, to let you know when a certain modal has been created on the page) so that you can alter the contents of the modal.  This is especially true if the modals are injected via AJAX.