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Optimizely Classic or X?

jasewatson 11-22-16
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Optimizely Classic or X?


For a brand new build, would you go with Optimizely Classic or Optimizely X - or does it depend (if so, on what?)


I have noticed there seems to be a lot more integration support for Classic, however, I sense that X is the way of the future for organisations who want to get serious about testing.


I would also be very interested in Mobile App testing as well, not sure if that will steer the choice.


Thanks in advance for any advice,


RyanC 11-22-16

Re: Optimizely Classic or X?

I would go with the new Optimizely X. It is a big improvement on how the experiment is implemented to the site. I would also assume that in the future the classic would stop being supported, as the X platform resolves a number of issues that were present in the classic platform.
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