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1 Goal But Two Buttons

joejob 05-17-16

1 Goal But Two Buttons

Hi, i'm in the process of creating a new Experiment to test my Sign Up button.


There is a Sign Up button in the header and footer of my site, and both buttons link to


I have created a new variation and i have changed the text on the Sign Up button in the footer and the header BUT how do i set the goal, because a user could click the button in the header or footer, so i can't just choose the goal as one button?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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JasonDahlin 05-17-16

Re: 1 Goal But Two Buttons

@joejob - A goal can be met in a unique way or through a variety of ways - depending on how you set it up.


When editing your goal, expand the accordion labeled "Advanced". In there, you will see a field named "Selector".  This is where you put the jQuery selectors that lead to each and every element that should trigger this goal being met.


On one of my sites, I have a goal for "Add To Cart".  Since my page only has one add to cart button, my Selector field looks like this:

#paypal-cart input[name='submit']

Let's suppose I add another button:


To count both buttons as the same goal, I would modify the "Selector" field to this:

#paypal-cart input[name='submit'], #secondButton
--Jason Dahlin
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