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2 optimizely snippets on a page

rbeltran 08-20-15

2 optimizely snippets on a page

Is there a way to use 2 optimizely code snippets on a site. - currently it is running 2 optimizely snippets which is causing optimizely revenue tracking to fail

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JDahlinANF 08-20-15

Re: 2 optimizely snippets on a page

I only see one snippet on the page. Is the double-snippet only on the page that tracks revenue?
Is it the same snippet exposed twice or two different snippets?
Amanda 08-21-15

Re: 2 optimizely snippets on a page


Just as @JDahlinANF mentioned, can you elaborate on where you have 2 snippets? You should never have 2 snippets on the same page, regardless of whether they are the same or different IDs.
Is your confirmation page on different domain than the URL If so, third party tracking would explain the issues you are describing.


Here's a support article on how to get around cross-domain tracking, but this solution would only be possible if you had control over the confirmation page domain:


Otherwise, you may just want to track revenue on the /donate page knowing that a portion of these events may not end up being successful. At least it would give you a goal to look at and the effect would be spread evenly across the different variations.


Let us know if this helps clear things up. We're happy to provide more information