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A/B Testing Redirect Issues

MrBennyBees 04-24-14

A/B Testing Redirect Issues

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I can't seem to get a simple redirect working to use a split test. The following article offered no help and I cannot figure out what to do.


All I want to do is set up a split test.


50% to

50% to (Variation 1)


I really need help ASAP. I need to track clicks on the V1 and I need that page to display in the editor so I can set it up. It never appears no matter what I do, and while it's there in preview, I need it in the editor!!!

adrian 04-24-14

Re: Redirect Problems

Hi Benny,

We can definitely help you out. When you run a redirect test, we don't actually show you the page in the Editor. Our tool works by iFraming a page in the editor, and we can't show two different URL's. The page you are redirecting to won't ever show in the editor, and we should make the clearer.

I'm assuming you need it in the editor to help with click goals. There is one additional step for setting up a click goal on a redirect test. You have to go to our Goal Editor and load the URL there. You also need to update the goal targeting to target the page the experiment is running on (the original url) and the page you're redirecting to (variation 1). This additional step is needed because technically the experiment is only running on the original URL. This article discusses those steps in detail:

Let us know if you need additional help with this. We'll make sure you have this up and running correctly in no time.