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A/B Testing unique visitors not tracking

marc_obrien 05-29-15

A/B Testing unique visitors not tracking

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Hi, I've set up an A/B test for these 2 pages:


Every test I've run indicates the experiment is set up correctly, and the proper script is located in the head section of each page. I am not getting any stats on the results page. I can't see any in page errors or conflicts that would be causing this. I have a felling that the tracking cookie may not be getting set. Can someone point me in the right direction to trouble shoot this?



Mario 06-01-15

Re: A/B Testing unique visitors not tracking

Hi Marc,

Thanks for reaching out to Optiverse!


When it comes to redirect tests a common issue is a wrong URL Targeting / Goal setting. 

Have you already had a look at the knowledge base article about setting up a redirect experiment?   

Please check if you haven't accidentally set the redirect page within the URL Targeting and that you have set up the correct selectors and paths within the goal settings.


I hope this is helpful.


Sr. Technical Support Engineer
EMEA | Amsterdam
marc_obrien 06-01-15

Re: A/B Testing unique visitors not tracking

Hi Mario,


Yes I did check out that article before implmenting the experiement. The URLs are correct and I set up everything according to the example. I ran the diagnostics test and everything said the experiement would run successfully. Still not getting any stats. What else could be interferaing with the stats being collected? 

JDahlinANF 06-02-15

Re: A/B Testing unique visitors not tracking

You do not have in your URL targeting. If you are looking for metrics regarding interactions on the page you are redirected to, you will want to include that page in your experiment.