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A/B test Modal

tushin 09-26-16

A/B test Modal


  • User visits a Contact Us form
  • When he chooses a specific product from a dropdown menu, a modal displays
  • I am A/B testing the call to action in the modal
  • Can I setup Optimizely to:
    • trigger when specific products are chosen in the dropdown
    • A/B test the modal's call to action by tracking button clicks
  • Having a difficult time wrapping my head around the flow
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MartijnSch 09-27-16

Re: A/B test Modal



Yes you can! But it won't be easy, as you need to configure some custom JavaScript for this to be able to run this variant. The easiest part is obviously triggering the modal + changing the CTA as that is already part of your codebase on that page I'd assume. So what you mostly have to focus on is making sure that the pag modal is triggered once the dropdown options that you want are selected.