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A/B testing a JS widget

benp 03-18-15

A/B testing a JS widget



I'm trying to look at a way of A/B testing a 2 sets of JS widgets on our website. The widgets in question are meant to increase our conversion rates on product pages, and I'd like to see over a period of time which one has better success with our customers. I have taken a quick look around Optimizely but have not seen any easy way of integrating JS code variations.


Anyone have any ideas ?




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Ehsan 03-18-15

Re: A/B testing a JS widget

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Morning Ben!


Scripts can be installed through Optimizely with a bit of Javascript code. Here is a link to our developer site that shows how to embed an external script onto your page.  This can be added to your Variation code or Experiement Javascript.


Have a look at the links and please let me know if you have any follow up questions!